Tim Reedy Art

Terms and conditions

The following terms set out the relationship between https://timreedy.selz.com (ie ‘Tim Reedy Art’) and its customers.

  1. My e-store enables a purchase and download of items.
  2. By accessing and using my e-store and its services you agree to the terms and conditions, below:
  1. You will not violate any copyright laws of my work (eg images, pictures, logos and icons) posted on Tim Reedy Art, (unless used for personal or non-commercial use) or breach my intellectual property rights.
  2. You will not fail to pay for products (through the e-payment platforms provided by me) purchased by you.
  3. I will enable purchasers to pay for my items or services using credit cards (currently Mastercard and Visa and American Express) via secure gateways provided by Selz’s bank partners and via payments systems like PayPal and Stripe.

When you buy a product from my e-store, I may offer to refund you. If a refund goes ahead, I will refund your charges.

I agree with the Terms and Conditions of Tim Reedy Art.